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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time of year for landscape installation?2023-01-04T04:35:54+00:00

Landscaping takes part in cycles throughout the year. Generally, spring is the best time for prepping and planting flower beds, and beginning hardscaping projects. The summer construction season is when the majority of large landscaping and hardscaping projects are done. Fall is then a great time for planting trees and bushes since temperatures are lower. Hardscaping also continues through the fall until the ground freezes or it begins to snow.

Do I need an irrigation system?2023-01-04T04:36:26+00:00

Irrigation systems are not necessary for maintaining the health of your lawn or plants, but can be helpful. Irrigation does much of the hard work that watering entails so that you don’t have to, and it hits the parts of your lawn you might miss. A hose and sprinkler can be a money-saving alternative, but require you to set timers and manually move the sprinkler around your yard.

What is landscaping vs hardscaping?2023-01-04T04:36:56+00:00

Modern landscaping refers to the designing, planning, and construction of gardens and other features that both create useable space for outdoor activities, and enhance the appearance around a home. Landscaping includes hardscaping and softscaping, although many people refer to them softscaping and landscaping interchangeably. Hardscaping would be the aspect that includes non-organic materials such as stone and woodwork, retaining walls, decks, firepits, and more.

How do I permanently get rid of weeds?2023-01-04T04:37:27+00:00

This is a tough one. The conditions that are good for plant growth are naturally good for weed growth. But, there are steps you can take to prevent weed growth early on, and remove weeds if they do appear. First of all, use a landscaping fabric in your flower beds and garden to cover the soil where you don’t want weeds to grow. Then use a weed preventer, such as Preen, to further discourage weed growth.

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